Sea Salt Vs. Sugar for Homemade Body Scrub


homemade body scrubBoth sugar and sea salts are popular choices for making your homemade body scrub. A common question is which one is better for a homemade body scrub? Do you make a homemade sugar scrub or a homemade salt scrub.

The answer is that they are both are fantastic exfoliates and it cannot be said that one of them is actually better than the other. The choice between what you use is down to your skin condition and the different characteristics of the sugar and salt in a homemade body scrub.

A homemade body scrub is used to slough away the dead and dull skin cells on the body and expose the fresh new cells which are waiting underneath. This can give your skin a beautiful glow and help with a younger, fresher looking skin.

A homemade body scrub can be used anywhere on the body – from the face, to the body and then the feet. As the skin is different on all these different areas, you may want to consider a harsher scrub for the hardened areas such as your feet and a less harsh scrub for the delicate area of the face.

This is where the choices of either sea salt and sugar really comes in to play.

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A homemade sugar body scrub is generally softer on the skin and are great for people who are either using a homemade body scrub for the first time, people with sensitive skin and for delicate areas such as your face.Homemade Body Scrub

Sugar dissolves readily in warm water – much more easily than the salt scrubs. However, when you purchase the sugar you do need to look at the grain size and make sure you are happy with how big or small it is. The larger the grain size, the more abrasive it will be which is great for less delicate areas such as legs, back and elbows.

Brown sugar is also lovely to use in a homemade sugar body scrub and has such a wonderful smell when it dissolves. It is also a very gentle exfoliate – more gentle than white sugar.

If you do want to remove dead skin rather than a gentle exfoliation, sugar may not be the best exfoliate to use as it is not abrasive enough to slough away the dead cells.

Sea Salt:

If you are considering whether to make salt scrub, sea salt is a more abrasive exfoliate and is fantastic for removing dead skin cells. As it is more abrasive, sea salt is an excellent choice for areas such as the body and feet. It is also good for removing impurities, for helping flush toxins form the body and acne prone areas. If you consider using a sea salt scrub recipe on your face it is a good idea to find a finer grain salt or to use a homemade sugar body scrub instead.

Sea salt is made by the evaporation of sea water and usually is unprocessed which means that is retains many of its trace minerals which are believed to have health benefits for the skin. Another wonderful benefit of the sea salt is its unique mineral content which can have health benefits.

Sea salt has also been shown to be therapeutic for muscle pain due to its high magnesium content. Magnesium functions as an electrolyte when it is consumed and this can help reduce muscle spasms and cramps. Epsom salts (which is not actually salt) also has high magnesium content and is beneficial for people with magnesium deficiencies. Magnesium deficiencies can cause headaches, PMS, cramping, fatigue and anxiety so using salt can be in a homemade body scrub can really be beneficial for people who tend to suffer from these ailments.homemade body scrub

Salt from the Dead Sea is believed to be particularly beneficial especially for those who suffer from psoriasis and other skin conditions.  This was also mentioned in the 2005 journal of dermatology where it was proven that Dead Sea salt helps dry skin and skin inflammation.

The research showed that Dead Sea salt solution improved the skins hydration levels and barrier function by using Dead Sea salt in baths or topical application. This means that having more moisture in the skin can lead to reducing the appearance of wrinkles and helping prevent new ones.

One of the main benefits of massaging with Dead Sea salt is that it can increase blood circulation at the surface of the skin which draws blood to the skins surface and this can help with releasing toxins and promoting healing. It also helps with skin rejuvenation and the turnover of skin cells.

Homemade salt scrubs should not be used on inflamed, broken or sensitive skin as it can irritate the area. It can also be drying on the skin.

Importantly, it is recommended to moisturize straight after using a homemade body scrub to lock moisture into those fresh new cells.



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