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Are you getting stressed out and frustrated because you are spending lots of money on overpriced commercial body scrubs that are filled with harmful toxic ingredienmake body scrubts?

Are you sick and tired of trying to follow free recipes on the internet only to end up with disastrous results?

If this is you, then this could be the most important thing that you read all year!

Dear Friend,

My name is Catherine and believe me, I have been there!

I have been in your position and was also frustrated at the amount of money I was spending on what I thought was good quality body scrub, only to get it home and research the ingredients.

Ingredients that when I looked up on the internet, the list of toxic side effects were never ending!

What I am now going to share with you will change the way that you think about buying commercial body scrubs forever.


The Commercial Body Scrub

 Dirty Little secret Exposed!!!

 Make Body Scrub

Did you know that most of the commercial body scrubs out there on the market contain harmful and toxic chemicals as well as fillers and preservatives? What is even scarier is that some of these companies label the body scrub as ‘all natural’ even though it is not! In most cases, it isn’t even disclosed to the consumer.

 Lets look at some of these in detail as I am sure you will want to know the nasty chemicals you could be exposing yourself to.

Make Body Scrub

1. Are You Aware Of What Preservatives Are Included in Commercial Body Scrub?

Methylisothiazolinone: This chemical is better known as a biocide and great for killing microorganisms but is actually highly toxic. It has been linked to nerve damage but in knowing this, it is still commonly used in shampoo, conditioner, body wash and body scrubs etc.

I don’t understand how something like this can still be used commercially when it is known to cause nerve damage.

Methlychloroisothiazolinone: This chemical is widely used in cosmetics due to its preservative properties and it is commonly associated with skin reactions.

Common reactions include chemical burns and irritating the skin. These rashes can occasionally turn cancerous.

Make Body Scrub

2. Do You  Realise What Moisturisers Are Included In Commercial Body Scrub?

Paraffinum liquidum: this chemical is a derivative of crude oil (petrol) and is a synthetic oil that I really am not keen on rubbing on my skin!

Honestly, would you ever go to a petrol station and start rubbing that on your skin? Of course not! So why should you have to use this product when it has been hidden in commercially bought body scrubs.

Make Body Scrub

3. Have You Ever Looked Into What Fragrances Are Used In Commercial Body Scrub?

Manufacturers of commercial body scrubs are not required to list the ingredients used in “fragrance,” but the most common ingredients include methylene chloride, toluene, methyl ethyl ketone, methyl isobutyl ketone, ethyl alcohol and benzyl chloride.

These nasty chemicals have been linked to birth defects, reproductive issues and liver damage. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, fragrance is the number one cause of allergic reactions in commercially manufactured cosmetics.


4. Have You Ever Looked Into What Chemicals Are Present In The Colouring That Is Added?

Body scrubs with artificial colours present a particular hazard as the colours FD&C Blue 1 and FD&C Green 3 are carcinogenic, and D&C Red 33, FD&C Yellow 5, and FC&C Yellow 6 have been shown to cause cancer when applied to the skin.

Some other artificial colours can contain heavy-metal impurities (lead, arsenic etc.) which are known to be carcinogenic also. So, why are they still being used and why is the general public not being made aware of this??


Did you know….

      • The skin was thought of a barrier initially but now has been proven that the skin is in actual fact permeable. This means that substances can actually move through your skin and into your body. make body scrub
      • When these toxins are absorbed through your skin, they are taken-up by the lymphatic system which then go into the blood stream and eventually the liver. This can make people really sick with serious illnesses such as cancer.


Unfortunately, for the body scrub industry it is so much cheaper for them to use these toxic inferior ingredients to both make.scent and colour the body scrub, then it is to use natural ingredients such as essential oils and natural oils. This is really disappointing and super scary.

I have tried for years to avoid using beauty products that are unnatural and contain these nasty toxic ingredients because of all the published studies on what the toxicity can do to the human body.

Why You Need To Stop Buying Commercial Body

Scrubs and Learn To Make Your Own

Make Body Scrub

 All these toxic ingredients are so unhealthy for you and your family and it really is a good idea to try and minimise your exposure to them to minimise serious illness and other nasty side effects.

You really should learn how to make your own 100% natural body scrub in your own kitchen at home, using only natural ingredients from your own pantry with my proven formula which will take you around 5 minutes to make!

Yes, all the ingredients that you need are available from your own kitchen pantry.

I will let you know now that this is not like any other ‘how to make body scrub at home’ training being hustled out there on the internet. 

The recipes and step by step instructions that I am going to share with you are 100% natural and free of all of the nasty toxic chemicals that are found in most of the commercial body scrubs that are sold on the market, plus tried and tested – therefore known to work!

Before I get into my formula, lets take a close look at costs…..


Homemade body scrub costs only

1/10 cost to make compared to

commercially purchased body scrubs!

Did you know that the average cost of a jar of commercial body scrub is $25?

Yes, that’s right. $25 for a jar full of toxic and nasty ingredients that could make you sick.

Ok, so lets look at the numbers for buying a commercial body scrub here and just look at the cost over a year:

Say you use a body scrub twice a week and the tub lasts you an average of 4 weeks…

Average Cost to Purchase $25

which makes it $3.10 per use

Yearly Cost is 12months x $25 which is $300 per year!


This can turn a simple beauty regime into a very expensive habit!

 What About The Cost Of

Homemade Body Scrub?


Now, if we run the same numbers again for a jar of home made body scrub:

I have calculated that you can make a jar of homemade body scrub for as little as $3. Yes, that is correct. You can learn how to make a 100% natural body scrub in your own kitchen using ingredients from your pantry for as little as $3.

 Average cost to make $3 which stuff piggy with 100 bills

makes it $0.38c per use!

Yearly cost is $3 x 12months = $36 per year

Yes, that’s correct.

You can use your homemade body scrub for as little as $0.38 cents every time you want to exfoliate your body, saving $264 per year! And have peace of mind that what you are using is 100% natural ingredients and does not contain any nasty toxic ingredients that could potentially harm your health.

Where Can I Learn How

To Make Body Scrub?


I really became so vocal about making my own beauty products due to safety and cost. My passion for making my own body scrub got to a state where my friends and family inspired me to Safe, Healthy and Easy Body Scrubput something together to teach others how to make a safe and healthy body scrub at home.

So, I have put together this website and a step by step instruction guide so I can teach other people how to do this for themselves.

I know that there are other eBooks and UTube video’s out there on making your own body scrub which are free, and I have tried to follow these recipes and advice. I did run into some difficulties and I want to be able to help you not make the same mistakes that I made when I first started making my own homemade body scrub.

My First Homemade Body Scrub Mistake 


 What Will You Learn About

Making Your Own Body Scrub?


In  my eBook Safe, Healthy And Easy Body Scrub, I simplify the science of making a body scrub and break it down into easy to understand language. This is what I will teach you:Safe, Healthy and Easy Body Scrub

1. What is Exfoliation and Why it is so Important

Learn how exfoliation can not only give you a beautiful glow to your skin but can also improve the health of it. Cell turnover is so important in maintaining a healthy skin and by exfoliating, you are helping your skins natural process.

2. What Natural Ingredients Can be Used in Making Body Scrub

There are so many natural ingredients that you can use and most of them you will possibly have in your pantry at home. It is very easy to make a body scrub yourself and I will provide you with the correct formula and recipes.

3. How Often Should A Body Scrub Be Used

Your skin needs help to expose the fresh new cells that lie underneath the dull lifeless ones. By using a body scrub to mechanically remove these dead skin cells, you will help expose the new cells and keep your skin looking youthful, fresh and glowing.

4. The Proper Technique for Using A Body Scrub

By using a scrub with the correct techniques, it will help you not only polish and exfoliate your skin. It can also help boost your circulation and even reduce the appearance of cellulite!

5. The Differences Between Using A Salt Or A Sugar ScrubMake body scrub

There are differences between the two ingredients in regards to skin types and which part of the body you are planning to use the scrub on.  Sugar is less abrasive than salt but both ingredients have got pros and cons as to when and why you would consider using them.

6. Understanding Simple Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

Essential oils are a beautiful way of adding a lovely fragrance to the body scrub as well as adding some therapeutic benefits which could work wonders for you. However aromatherapy can be daunting to those who are new to using essential oils. Here, the basics of essential oils are covered plus an easy to read guide on benefits and mixing of a vast range of essential oils to include in your recipes.

7. A guide to using essential oils to treat specific skin disorders and ailments

Essential oils can also treat a vast range of skin disorders and ailments such as eczema, dry itchy skin, oily and aging skin. For each skin type, there is a list of oils which can help when you add them to your body scrub.


My recipes and formulations

are 100% natural.

I do not believe in using toxic chemicals, artificial scents or preservatives. No one should be using those things ever!

If You Would Like To Learn How To Make These Body Scrubs..

make body Scrub

    • A calming body scrub for sore and aching muscles using lemongrass or peppermint
    • A circulating booster body scrub great for cellulite using Rosemary or Thyme
    • A winter warming and soothing scrub perfect for dry skin using lavender, Jasmine or chamomile
    • A range of beautiful facial scrubs

Then you have come to the right place!


Let’s have a quick look again:  why should you make your own body scrub?

Well, I have already given you the two most important reasons:


Reason #1:   You will not be exposing yourself or your family to nasty toxic chemicals that could potentially cause illness


Reason #2:  You will save lots of  money!


If that is not enough, here are a further two reasons why you should learn make body scrub at home.


Bonus Reason 1:


You can add essential oils to your homemade body scrubs – the choice of what you use is up to you.

Aromatherapy essential oils have wonderful and powerful therapeutic benefits for a vast range of ailments- both physically and emotionally.

By using 100% natural and pure essential oils you can make your homemade body scrub smell great and at the same time you can give yourself a well-deserved trmake body scrubeatment.

These include:

  • Headaches
  • PMS
  • Anxiety
  • Dry flaky skin
  • Sore aching muscles

The list is huge!



Bonus Reason 2:

A homemade body scrub is great as a gift

Giving a friend or family member a jar of body scrub that you have made for them is a lovely and thoughtful gift. You can even use essential oils to give them a tailored therapeutic benefit.

Decorating a jar or container is easy to do. Ribbons, glitter, flowers and leaves can be used to make the jar look festive.



Bottom-line….. The Safe, Healthy And Easy Body Scrub eBook is more than just a list of basic recipes.

You will get…

The most complete step by step

training guide plus tips and tricks

to making your own body scrub

available on the internet.


By now I am sure you are now wondering what the price of Safe, Healthy And Easy Body Scrub is and I know that you will be pleasantly surprised.Safe, Healthy and Easy Body Scrub

The regular retail price is $19.95 which is a great price considering you will be able to save that and much more when you make your first batch of body scrub.

But, that is not how much you will have to pay today.

I have recently added some updates to this book and I really want to get some valuable feedback on what you think of my formula and recipes.

So, if you order this book NOW you will automatically receive a 50% discount.

That means that you can order Safe, Healthy and Easy Body Scrub for the massively reduced price of $9.95!

This also reminds me….

There is a Free Gift With Purchase for a limited time.

When you purchase ‘Safe, Healthy And Easy Body Scrub’, I will also send you a Bonus Complete Home Body Scrub Package for free!


 What is Included In the Complete

Home Body Scrub Pack?

Homemade Body Scrub




Home Body Scrub Package Item 2



package item 3


So, let’s quickly summarize what you are getting here


Safe, Healthy And Easy Body Scrub $19.95

Beautiful Body Scrub Recipes $29.95

Recipes For Facial Scrubs $9.95

Foot Scrub Recipes to Pamper Your Feet $19.95



Today, only $9.95!


But, you do need to act quickly because as I said before, this offer is only going to be available for a limited time.

I do understand that buying a book over the internet can be daunting in case you will be disappointed.

So, I am going to help you and take away all of the risk of buying this.

If, you do not like and are unable to make your own body scrub, I will immediately refund your entire investment within 60 days – no questions asked.

Of course, if you are not completely, 100% satisfied this product comes with a 60 day, no questions asked, unconditional guarantee. If for whatever reason you decide that you don’t want to learn to make 100% natural body scrub, just send us an email and we will refund 100% of your money. Its as easy as that.

So, now you have got nothing to lose!

So, if you are ready to make that first positive step towards learning how to make body scrub at home, then there is only one thing left to do…..



      • YES! Teach me how to make natural body scrub and keep me safe from dangerous skin conditions
      • YES! Teach me how to package and turn my body scrub creations into beautiful gifts or to sell them at market stalls
      • YES! Help me save hundreds of dollars on the cost of commercially purchased body scrub
      • YES! Teach me how to use essential oils and use them for their therapeutic benefits
      • YES! Teach me how to make my own facial scrubs


If you have got any questions please do not hesitate to contact me by clicking on the ‘Contact Us’ tab at the top of the page. I will get back to you promptly.

To your body scrub making success…

Cat – Author and Trainer

P.S. There is no other body scrub website out there giving you this much information for $9.95 – this is the best bargain!

P.P.S. And remember, if you aren’t completely satisfied, there is a 60 day unconditional money back guarantee. So there literally is no risk when you purchase today.












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